$240.00 AUD

Brace the winter chill with our MVMNT Pro Thermal Long Bib. Designed for cyclists with an insatiable yearning for adventure, this bib seamlessly blends reflective safety features and premium Miti Italian fabric for optimal warmth, durability, and visibility.

Product Features:

  • Premium Miti Italian Fabric: Our long bib features high-performance Miti fabric from Italy, offering exceptional thermal regulation for optimal warmth and breathability on every ride.
  • Reflective Logos for Enhanced Visibility: Two large reflective logos incorporated in the bib design ensure high visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing your safety during winter rides.
  • Elastic Interface® Pad: Equipped with an Italian-designed Elastic Interface® chamois, this bib ensures unparalleled comfort, superior control while pedaling, and reduced pressure on soft tissue areas.
  • Ventilated Brace Paneling: Fully ventilated brace paneling ensures a cool and comfortable riding experience, no matter the distance or intensity of your ride.
  • Robust, Adventure-Ready Design: With the integration of Miti Italian fabric, the Pro Thermal Long Bib is designed to endure and conquer off-beat trails and harsh weather conditions, readying you for every winter adventure.

Layering Suggestion: For a superior winter cycling setup, pair the MVMNT Pro Thermal Long Bib with our base layer and ProCore® Thermal Jacket. This layered combination ensures maximum warmth, comfort, and performance, letting you rule your winter rides.

With MVMNT's Pro Thermal Long Bib, you don't just ride in the winter; you conquer it. Designed in Australia.

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