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Battle the cold without compromising your passion for cycling with our MVMNT ProCore® Thermal Jacket for women.

Our ProCore® Jacket, constructed with premium Italian fabric, is designed to offer superior comfort and protection in cold conditions:

  • Premium Italian Fabric: Harnesses the latest Throughput Venting Technology™, coupled with a warm inner fleece, for optimal breathability and warmth.
  • Windproof Design: Shields you from cold winds and road spray, ensuring you can ride comfortably in any weather.
  • Thermal Regulation: Expertly designed to maintain your body's optimal temperature, preventing overheating during your rides.
  • Stretch and Fit: Offers sufficient stretch to accommodate a base layer, providing an additional layer of warmth.

For the ultimate cold-weather cycling solution, pair our ProCore® Thermal Jacket with our Winter Longs Bib Tights. Together, they form an unbeatable duo that ensures you stay warm and comfortable, no matter how low the temperatures drop.

Layering Suggestion: For the ultimate cycling ensemble, we suggest pairing our ProCore® Thermal Jacket with the MVMNT base layer and jersey. This layered combination provides the perfect balance of warmth, comfort, and flexibility, ensuring your performance remains uncompromised in colder weather.


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