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Bib shorts aren’t all the same. A good pair of bibs is made from high-quality fabrics that are tight to give you a streamlined fit and compression on your muscles as you ride. Designed specifically for long rides, these bibs have a professional cut with compressive fabrics to provide comfort on the bike

The Cuff is a new development in our quest for excellence that we’ve included in the design of our bib shorts. The cuff reduces the weight of the bib shorts while increasing sensation and comfort on the skin. Elasticated threads incorporated in the design allow greater freedom of movement and flat seams ensure maximum comfort.

The Elastic Interface® chamois, developed in Italy, is incorporated into the design. This pad is designed to provide an unparalleled feeling of comfort and control while pedalling. It incorporates different areas of density and a soft finish for the skin thanks to precise calibration and moulding, with slight variations in thickness that will notably improve the cyclist's contact with the seat. The chamois is anatomically shaped with a positioning that reduces pressure on soft tissue. Crafted from an innovative material with superior moisture management, this chamois provides all-day comfort and support achieving an excellent and sophisticated level of body fit, ideal for long rides.


  • Pro-cut, high-compression 200gsm Lycra.
  • 52% Polyamide, 48% Elastane.
  • Improved grippy bib straps. 
  • Anatomic & ultra breathable.
  • Pre-dye lycra for a solid colour and premium look.
  • Elastic Interface® PARIS HP.
  • High-quality products that will keep you visible and safe while riding.
  • ‘Power Cuffs’ with integrated silicone gripper.
  • UPF 50+ UV protection technology.
  • Soft-touch fabric that feels like a second skin.
  • Lock-stitched pad for increased comfort.
  • Designed in Australia.

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