$270.00 AUD

For riders who refuse to compromise, the VIKINGS MVMNT Full Tilt Aerosuit offers unparalleled speed and performance. Embodying the high-quality structure of our professional kits, this Aerosuit is designed for those who aspire to ride fast and ride hard.


  • Aero Channelled Speed Fabric: This innovative fabric reduces drag and maximises your speed.
  • High-Compression Lycra: Not only does this ensure a comfortable and secure fit, but it also improves blood flow, boosting your performance during long rides.
  • Breathability: The Aerosuit's anatomical design promotes superior airflow, keeping you cool and dry, no matter how hard you ride.
  • Solid Colour & Premium Look: The pre-dyed Lycra maintains its bold colour ride after ride, so you can always look your best while outperforming the pack.
  • Ultimate Comfort: The Elastic Interface® PRO and lockstitched pad reduce friction and enhance comfort, so you can focus on your ride and not on discomfort.
  • UV Protection: The UPF 50+ UV protection technology shields your skin from harmful sun rays, keeping you safe during those long, sunny rides.
  • Second Skin Feel: The soft-touch fabric molds to your body, feeling like a second skin, providing unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

Experience the ultimate blend of speed, comfort, and style with the VIKINGS MVMNT Full Tilt Aerosuit. It's not just an Aerosuit; it's your ticket to ride faster and harder. Designed in Australia, loved globally.

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