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Introducing the VIKINGS MVMNT ProCore® Deep Winter Jacket for Men, designed for the avid cyclist who refuses to let the harshest winter conditions dampen their spirit.

This pinnacle of our winter collection is engineered with cutting-edge materials and features tailored to meet the demands of deep winter cycling:

  • Premium Italian Fabric: This jacket incorporates our advanced Throughput Venting Technology™ within its premium Italian fabric. The integration of a cosy inner fleece layer ensures not only optimal breathability but also unrivalled warmth, making it your steadfast ally against the biting cold.

  • Windproof Barrier: Our windproof design acts as an impenetrable shield against the icy gusts and chilling road spray, guaranteeing comfort on your ride regardless of the weather.

  • Thermal Regulation Excellence: The VIKINGS MVMNT ProCore® Deep Winter Jacket is meticulously crafted to maintain your body's ideal temperature. It prevents overheating, ensuring that your focus remains on the road ahead, not on the cold.

  • Adaptive Stretch and Fit: Designed with the perfect stretch to accommodate essential base layers, our jacket offers an additional warmth stratum without compromising on fit or mobility, ensuring your winter rides are nothing short of exceptional.

Layering Mastery: Elevate your cold-weather cycling kit by pairing our ProCore® Deep Winter Jacket with the VIKINGS MVMNT base layer and jersey. This strategic layering ensures the perfect synergy of warmth, comfort, and flexibility, so your performance remains at its peak, even as temperatures plummet.

PROCORE® Technology

  • Performance Italian knit fabric
  • Windproof & water resistant
  • Soft, Breathable, Slightly Stretchy, Fleeced, Thermal

Combining PROCORE high-performance membrane technology with ITTTAI's advanced lamination capabilities, this jacket achieves optimal balance in stretch comfort, windproofing, water resistance, and breathability.


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