$50.00 AUD

Discover the foundation of your cycling wardrobe with the MVMNT ProSkin Base Layer for women. The ProSkin Base Layer has been meticulously crafted as a reliable partner for all your cycling escapades, whether you're embarking on a lengthy journey or a quick commute.

This garment has been designed with superior compatibility in mind, seamlessly blending with our MVMNT jerseys. It adds an extra layer of comfort and performance, making it the ideal accompaniment to your cycling kit for any journey.

Product Features:

  • Compatibility: Designed to work in unison with our VIKINGS MVMNT jerseys, ensuring a comfortable and streamlined fit.
  • Versatility: Equally suited to long rides and short commutes, adapting to your cycling requirements.
  • Comfort: Provides an added layer of comfort, enhancing your overall cycling experience.
  • Performance: Crafted with a focus on enhancing your cycling performance, regardless of your adventure's distance.

We understand that every ride, no matter how long or short, matters to you. That's why we've designed our ProSkin Base Layer to meet your needs with its versatile and comfortable design. Take on every adventure with confidence with the MVMNT ProSkin Base Layer.

Matched Sizing: Your baselayer size directly aligns with your jersey size – if you wear a small jersey, your baselayer size is small, ensuring a perfect fit every time

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